The ‘Chronicles

The Monocle Chronicles was an idea born in the spring of 2010, between a few coworkers and myself. It was a particularly tumultuous year, dotted with a number of seemingly unsalvageable, interminable projects that forced a number of us to the tipping point. As a developer and lead, some of the more tedious and difficult challenges have little to do with technology. For some engineers, this can be the hardest, and most undesirable, part of the job. But it can also make or break projects, careers and companies. “The Monocle Chronicles” became the moniker for our collectively learned experiences, both good and bad, during our adventures in the world of software development. It’s high time these learnings, anecdotes and stories finally see the light of day.

Aside from that, I figured it was about time to give back. In fact, it’s been long overdue. As any engineer would readily admit, resources such as Stackoverflow, Google and countless technology sites and blogs have become invaluable resources for programmers, if not staples of the landscape. Documentation and real-world solutions have never been so widely disseminated or accessible. Historically, I’ve largely been a consumer of this content, but recently I’ve felt the need to contribute back to the community. After 11+ years in the software industry, it’s time to return the love. As much as anything, I’m also hoping to use this blog as a platform to document solutions, in hopes of saving others time and sanity.

Without further ado, let’s Monocle Up!

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