This is a simple demonstration of using D3.js to render a dynamic bar chart, using a public data feed. Specifically, the following concepts/APIs are covered:

  • SVG (rect)
  • Scale (d3.scale.ordinal, d3.scale.linear)
  • Axis (d3.svg.axis)
  • Transitions (delay, duration)
  • Data Join (enter/update/exit)
  • User Interactions (mouseover, mouseout)
  • Dynamic Data Updates (AJAX, REST)

Fremont Bridge Bicycle Usage

The number of bikes that cross the bridge using the pedestrian/bicycle pathways, by hour, per month. Inductive loops on the east and west pathways count the passing of bicycles regardless of travel direction.

Fun Facts:

Total Bike Crossings:

Busiest Single Day:

Busiest Day of the Week (total):

Data provided by Socrata Open Data API and the City of Seattle

P.J. Little / copyright © 2014 / Base2 Solutions.