Backbone.js: lessons learned

After working on several large SPA Web projects, here are some Backbone.js lessons learned: Read more →

JSCS – JavaScript Code Style

As projects grow from small to medium, and eventually to large, small oversights can turn into big ones.  Couple that with a development team that increases in size (and experience) and things like code consistency, technical oversight and best practices become pivotal for long term success and maintainability.   Read more →

Presenting: The Acid Fonts Freeloader

Direct link to the app: Acid Fonts Freeloader

I don’t do a large amount of graphics or Web design related work, but every now and again I have the need to find a new (typically free) font to use on a logo, Web site, etc. For years, I’ve used a Web site called Acid Fonts.  Historically, Acid Fonts has hosted a large amount of free, and commercial, fonts.  Their selection is quite extensive. Read more →