D3.js Example

D3.js has become one of the defacto frontend data visualization frameworks.  Sure enough, one can peruse the litany of examples out there to get a sense of how powerful of a visualization framework it is.  After working on several projects that utilized D3.js, a couple things became apparent: Read more →

JSCS – JavaScript Code Style

As projects grow from small to medium, and eventually to large, small oversights can turn into big ones.  Couple that with a development team that increases in size (and experience) and things like code consistency, technical oversight and best practices become pivotal for long term success and maintainability.   Read more →

Git tip of the day: merge-base

A coworker and myself were tasked to spearhead a large, extensive refactor for a well-established project.  The team was medium-sized (10ish people) and we followed a pretty tight Gitflow process, which overall, worked well.  The refactor was done out-of-band from our normal sprint cadence and like any new feature or defect, we created a branch off of develop and off we went.

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