A year with AWS Lambda

Last year could largely be summarized as `A year with AWS Lambda.` I’ve been a huge advocate for serverless architectures and after using AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway for a number of projects, am extremely bullish on its future. As a result, I’ve started to understand what use cases are better suited for Lambda, as well as general lessons learned (good and bad). Read more →

Backbone.js: lessons learned

After working on several large SPA Web projects, here are some Backbone.js lessons learned: Read more →

D3.js Example

D3.js has become one of the defacto frontend data visualization frameworks.  Sure enough, one can peruse the litany of examples out there to get a sense of how powerful of a visualization framework it is.  After working on several projects that utilized D3.js, a couple things became apparent: Read more →

JSCS – JavaScript Code Style

As projects grow from small to medium, and eventually to large, small oversights can turn into big ones.  Couple that with a development team that increases in size (and experience) and things like code consistency, technical oversight and best practices become pivotal for long term success and maintainability.   Read more →