Display Linux octal file permissions

Any Linux user quickly becomes familiar with chmod and file permissions. While I love `ll` as much as anyone, I also wanted a quick command to be able to display Linux octal file permissions as an integer – the same number you provide to chmod. You get used to translating the commandline outputs to numbers, but I wanted something that would show permissions in integer form: 600, 755, etc. I’m using Centos / Red Hat.

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Start Apache on boot

I was reminded that by default, Linux distros don’t start services on boot. I found this out the hard way on EC2 when setting up an apache server.

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Self signed certificate in Apache

I haven’t been able to update the Monocle Chronicles as much as I would like, so I’m trying to focus on shorter, more direct posts, rather than larger, multi-part tutorials, which is what I was previously trying to do.

Recently I’ve been working on a number of OSS web-based projects, using Apache on various Linux distros.  As with most of these projects, there’s a need for enabling SSL (HTTPS) for certain sections of the site (login, admin/user actions, etc.), if not the whole thing.  On a previous project, I worked through this and didn’t take great notes as to how to setup SSL, specifically with a self-signed certificate.  For these particular projects, self-signed was fine – and certainly cheaper – but this isn’t a great/ideal configuration, particularly for anything for widespread use.  The browser warnings alone are off-putting, and for good reason.

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Presenting: The Acid Fonts Freeloader

Direct link to the app: Acid Fonts Freeloader

I don’t do a large amount of graphics or Web design related work, but every now and again I have the need to find a new (typically free) font to use on a logo, Web site, etc. For years, I’ve used a Web site called Acid Fonts.  Historically, Acid Fonts has hosted a large amount of free, and commercial, fonts.  Their selection is quite extensive. Read more →

The ‘Chronicles

The Monocle Chronicles was an idea born in the spring of 2010, between a few coworkers and myself. It was a particularly tumultuous year, dotted with a number of seemingly unsalvageable, interminable projects that forced a number of us to the tipping point. As a developer and lead, some of the more tedious and difficult challenges have little to do with technology. Read more →