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A year with AWS Lambda

Last year could largely be summarized as `A year with AWS Lambda.` I’ve been a huge advocate for serverless architectures and after using AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway for a number of projects, am extremely bullish on its future. As a result, I’ve started to understand what use cases are better suited for Lambda, as well as general lessons learned (good and bad). Read more →


In the consulting space, I’ve been in several situations where there’s a need to get a rough idea of the relative complexity of a product/code base.  I’ve seen this used in acquisition negotiations as well as for estimates to maintain or re-write an existing code base.  One way of doing this is through measuring lines of code.  Enter CLOC (Count Lines of Code). Read more →

Backbone.js: lessons learned

After working on several large SPA Web projects, here are some Backbone.js lessons learned: Read more →

D3.js Example

D3.js has become one of the defacto frontend data visualization frameworks.  Sure enough, one can peruse the litany of examples out there to get a sense of how powerful of a visualization framework it is.  After working on several projects that utilized D3.js, a couple things became apparent: Read more →

JSCS – JavaScript Code Style

As projects grow from small to medium, and eventually to large, small oversights can turn into big ones.  Couple that with a development team that increases in size (and experience) and things like code consistency, technical oversight and best practices become pivotal for long term success and maintainability.   Read more →

Git tip of the day: merge-base

A coworker and myself were tasked to spearhead a large, extensive refactor for a well-established project.  The team was medium-sized (10ish people) and we followed a pretty tight Gitflow process, which overall, worked well.  The refactor was done out-of-band from our normal sprint cadence and like any new feature or defect, we created a branch off of develop and off we went.

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pecl_http 2.x example

Previously, I was using pecl_http 1.7.6 and life was easy – all I was using (and needed) was the http_get() API.  However, v2 of the API was completely overhauled.  Gone are the static, c-style APIs, instead replaced with a full object-oriented API.  One could argue that this change was long overdue, but it was a jarring change – the old APIs weren’t simply deprecated, they were removed.

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Unable to load

Fortunately, it doesn’t happen too often, but every now and again I rub elbows with downright infuriating problems in the OSS world.  If you go off the reservation (off the ‘rez), and attempt to make unsupported configurations work, you expect these types of things.  But when you’re targeting a basic, happy path use case, you don’t.  Thus began my 3+ day excursion into getting pecl_http to work with PHP 5.5…

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WordPress and S3 must be addressed using the specified endpoint

As I’ve gotten more familiar with both WordPress (running on EC2) and Amazon S3, I’ve started hosting a good part of my Web site assets on S3 (images, pdfs, etc.). It’s a CDN-ish way of keeping considerable load, and bandwidth, off my direct Web server(s).

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OSX Apache Not Working

With the rise in popularity of HTML5, javascript and CSS, I’ve found myself working on a fair number of Web-related projects recently.  I spend roughly half of my time in Windows-based environments and the rest in OSX or various Linux distros.  Unsurprisingly, most of these projects use LAMP as the primary technology stack.
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